This started in year 2007 after the Result of Punjab Board of secondary schools. Geo News in New York USA showed that out of 10 top positions 9 were taken by students of the same class from government high school Shahdara in Lahore Pakistan. The 1st words which came out of my mouth, after listening and seeing the news of the result were oh my God. Since I had graduated from Punjab university Lahore Pakistan I was familiar with the area which belonged to hard working people surrounded by the industrial area. Next day I called a good friend of mine Shafique Abassi in Lahore Pakistan and asked him to see if he can get the demographics of all these students. I was very excited to get in contact with the students and their families. It took 3 months to gather all the information. I new these are the most brilliant students and going forward may not be so easy for them. They are the future of our country but they needed the encouragement and support. Now I new when Alama Iqbal (greatest thinker, poet, philosopher) said mohabat mujhee un jawano se hai sitaroon pe jo dalte hain kamand he was referring to these students. All these students had secured over 1000 marks out of total 1050. I called to congratulate them and their families for such a big achievement.

I established a scholarship for them to encourage and support their brilliant efforts. I told them the scholarship will get bigger as their needs will increase when they go to professional Colleges. Most of them got admitted to Govt college Lahore secured same good positions in intermediate (Fsc) and joined finest professional colleges of Pakistan. During all these years I was in close contact with all of them so far we had 3 dinners together 2007,2010 and February 2013 some videos and photos of these are in our site. I was amazed to see that the Town of Shahdra has so many of these brilliant students since more students joined our program during these years who were referred to me. I want to salute all these parents who have done such a good upbringing despite of so many hardships. Two of the students Nazim Ali and Qasim Ilyas got admitted to PIEAS Islamabad.

All the students were awarded a plaque in 2007 with slogan “Building The Nation Through Education”. Until now we did not have any name of our organization. Now in 2013 I have decided to expand this program to all Pakistan colleges to see if we can help any deserving students. Living in New York USA for the last 30 years where you can find people from all over the world at least 50 countries I have experienced 1st hand that Pakistanis are unique and one of the best nations, they only need awareness, guidance and teaching. Inshallah 10 years from now we will have a generation of hundreds of thousands of young people who will be educated and with a good moral character. My goal is to start building students from 9th grade on and in 10 years these students with good education in all fields and good moral character will lead our nation, that’s how I came up with the name 

BOUNCE B.uilding O.ur U.nique N.ation through C.haracter and E.ducation

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